Drum Circles With A HeartBeat!
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“When we drum like that, it feels as if we are calling out the spirits!”

“I really appreciated the way that you believed, without question, that each of us could hear and create rhythms.”

“It was very freeing to simply “do what we wanted” and create complex and beautiful music as a result. Thank you!”

“Otha’s energy instantly engaged me, and his skill in feeling out exactly where we were and guiding us each at our own level of comfort quickly put me at ease. As the circle progressed, with Otha’s careful yet casual guidance, we learned to listen to one another, to work together and eventually to add to and play off of each other’s rhythms. I was amazed and utterly invigorated by the entire experience. An activity I had always imagined as far beyond my abilities had been brought within reach and rather than struggle in vain in attempting it, I’d had a blast.”

“Your presentation was clear, applicable and so much fun to boot! Please come back to work with us again soon!”

“Thank you for the lasting impression that you have made on my children.”

“I enjoyed the exercise and appreciated the “fresh ideas” for my group. You were an excellent facilitator!”

“Your drumming circle really helped open up and relax a group of up-tight academics.”

“Whew, what a wonderful release of tension at the end of the end of the semester!”

“Otha brings a passion to music that all of the children pick up on.”


“Even those providers who didn’t believe that they could share music with the children in their care came away with creative, diverse and fun ideas to bring back to their programs…..Besides presenting two workshop sessions, he was also our Keynote Presenter. Unlike any other Keynote we have had previously, Otha involved all participants in a Drum Circle. It was truly amazing to see that even the skeptical were engaged and throughly enjoying this lively interactive session! Many participants commented on all that they had learned to take back with them to share, and his evaluations were outstanding.”

“Thank you for drumming with us, that was way COOL!”

“We had alot of fun doing the African Music with you. Your drums were really cool. I hope you can come again next year (when we are) in the 6th grade.”

“His Afro-Centric drumming session was fantastic.” “Not only did we play many instruments, but Otha gave us the rich history behind them.” “He has an energetic stage presence and keeps everyone singing, dancing and playing to the beat of the drum!”

“You gave the students a wonderful gift yesterday afternoon: your exercises gave them permission to take risks, reflect and create joy as a community.”


“I could not believe the incredible music we were able to produce. Today’s experience gave me alot more confidence in my ability to make music. Thanks again for this experience!”

“My family and I enjoyed the drum circle tremendously! We found it to be a terrific way for each of us to express ourselves creatively. Directing energy to the creation of something so pleasurably cathartic was a stellar team building exercise!”

“There are so few opportunities to have FUN as an adult. Thanks for bringing the generations together for such a joyful activity!”

“It warmed my heart to see all the children and people drumming and connecting with the Earth.”

“This has been a wonderful experience for both my boys. They come home and teach me what they have learned.”

“On the days you are there my child wakes up even more excited and eager to go to school than usual because it’s an ‘Otha Day’ day!”

“Thank you for the Drum Circle today with our residents. As you could see by the number of participants who choose to come to make music with you today, they remember you very well from your last visit here and wanted to be sure to take part again……When we are having a meeting with the residents and it becomes just a little noisy and unfocused, I start to drum on the table and they are right with me. One of our residents sang FANGA ALAFIA for months after your first visit, that is how much of an impact you’ve had on their lives. We look forward to your next visit!”

“Thanks again for lending your voice and considerable talent to our summer of fun. I loved the percussion work you taught those very young children. It’s so helpful to their reading and storytelling development.”

“Otha Day’s “Drum Circle” was a huge success at our camp. Our campers were engaged, interested and excited to work together in this educational environment. We will definitely have Otha back for more fun, rhythmic, educational opportunities.”